DGP International is a full service professional private security company.  Providing  professional security services all across the globe.


Covered 6 has all levels of training programs to fit your organizations first responder mission. Courses cover all levels of the use of force, weapons and tactics.


Covered 6 has developed several patented innovations for the first responders. From ballistic products to weapons racks, we've got you covered!

"The need for a National Private Security Standard has never been greater... If not now, when?"

Chris Dunn
Principal, Covered 6

The security threatscape has changed. Old methodologies and low State standards are not meeting the need for more sophisticated safety and security programs. Better training and investment are whats needed to fill the first responder roles across the industry. 

Covered 6 identified this need several years ago and worked to create more advanced security training programs. These new programs better prepare private protective services personnel (armed and unarmed) to respond to dynamic incidents like Active Shooter and Terrorist attacks.

In 2017, Covered 6 began working with the US Department of Labor to develop the first National Program Standard for Private Security Specialist training. We are proud to announce that in July 2018, C6 will be awarded and rolling out the new standard across the country. 

For more information on training your security program to a national standard, contact one of our vocational advocates today. 

At Covered 6, we offer our training courses to military, law enforcement, private security, and responsible civilians who want to protect themselves at a higher level.

Our courses have instructors who come from all types of backgrounds and experience. We pool this talent to bring our clients the best possible learning experience that might one day save their lives.

Most other training companies rely heavily on titles and trademarks...we value humility and real world principals that are applicable to the environments we operate in.

Join a class today and see why we are one of Southern California's premier training and consulting facilities.


The new VAS armor system and Sector sling bag are some of the awesome new innovations we are working on with our industry partners.

These tactical products will join the lineup that include the Ready Racks, Fu-bar, and Savior Shields which are all built to help first responders, private security and military all over the world do their job keeping us safe. Many of these products use patented technology and process to set them apart.

Our new government contract division is going to be bringing these products to the military. Keep an eye out for our brands that are leading the way in the industry.

Armor Shield
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Covered6 Field Tested

Covered 6 has partnered with Condor Outdoor to provide level up tactical gear under the Condor Elite brand. Testing, development and real world field use make this collaboration produce some of the most innovative gear in the industry, while still maintaining the legendary value. For more information check out these products at