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Armor Shield

The Covered 6 MTS (Multi-Threat Shield) has been tested by an independent NIJ Approved laboratory and rated at Level IIIA without ballistic rifle hard plate. With the armor plate installed the MTS will stop rifle rated threats. 

'Covered 6 conducted our own extensive ballistic and puncture testing with 100% success. These tests far exceeded the NIJ standard for ballistic testing.Testing resulted in a meeting the NIJ Compliance standards and does not fold or bend when shot. We stopped testing after 50 rounds of 9mm, 40cal, .45ACP, 00 buck, and 12GA slugs! The video documented one of the early range tests. 

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Level IIIA weighs 7lbs | Discreet Appearance | Level III (rifle) plate option | Hands Free | Folding Design | Patent Pending Design | Affordable | Extremely Versatile

The Covered 6 MTS (Multi-Threat Shield) is a "purpose built" product. As a result of our clients needing a smaller, lighter more discreet option for response to crisis like Active Shooters, the C6 team developed the lightest, most versatile ballistic shield ever developed.

The MTS patent pending design utilizes a one piece folding design, with has not seams or overlapping components. The ballistic materiel is laminated to make it puncture resistant and slightly stiff. Once deployed, the MTS or Multi-Threat Shield can provide protection against primarily firearms, but blunt and edged weapons are mitigated as well.

The MTS is also very streamlined and versatile. It can be deployed with a shoulder strap that allows the user to use one hand or let go of the shield and perform vital functions like reloading and weapons manipulations. The ability of the shield to go into "hands free" mode (adjustable tactical sling) and then re-acquired has never been available in other competitive models. 

The Savior also has Level Max III ballistic plate option that allows for a 11X17 custom armor plate to be installed int he upper portion of the shield. This provides NIJ Level III protection against rifle rates threats like .223/5.56 or 7.62FMJ. 

Another remarkable feature is how discreet the MTS shield is in appearance. It allows the user to covertly respond to a potential threat and not alert both suspect and victims to unwarranted alarm. This is perfect for undercover operation, school and university settings and home defense applications.

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The Covered 6 Savior MTS has been tested and certified in a independent National Institute of Justice test lab.  Only Ballistic materials that are worn on an operator's person are required to have this level of testing. Covered 6 wanted to ensure that the shield users would be confident in its ballistic ability so we used the finest materials available.