Pistol 2C – Concealed Carry Pistol & Low Light 04-25-20

Pistol 2C – Concealed Carry Pistol & Low Light 04-25-20


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PART 1: Compact/Concealed Carry Pistol – Intermediate Lvl (1200 to 1600)

This course is designed to introduce defensive shooting technique to Concealed Carry permit holders, new applicants or anyone looking to gain insight into the concept of concealed carry.  This session will also provide an excellent trigger time for any law enforcement personnel needing range time with their Off Duty or Plain Clothes carry guns. *This class is designed for those who had received prior formal firearms training. 

PII-(C) will develop the student’s precise marksmanship with their carry gun through demonstration and practice. Participants will learn how to safely draw and present their firearm from concealed carry holster over the garment. Students will understand the legal aspect of concealed carry as well as CA use of force doctrine through discussion and scenarios.

PART 2: Diminished & Low Light Training  (1630 to 2030)

Pistol-II(C) Part 2 will focus on the essentials of shooting under diminished lighting condition.  Technical and the practical understanding of the effective employment of the handheld flashlight & weapon mounted light will be examined.

Students will have the opportunity to shoot in low light conditions where their sights and targets are difficult to see and identify. Night sights are highly recommended tool for this type of condition.

INSTRUCTOR: Shoji Hattori (Tac-1)

PRE-REQUISITES: Pistol-I(a) & (b) Or Equivalent [Must have taken basic firearms training] & be able to draw from holster, sufficient demonstrable accuracy.  Pistol-II(A) & Pistol-II(B) are HIGHLY recommended.

REQUIRED AMMO: Bring 300 Rounds per Module (600 total)



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Event Details

Start date: April 25, 2020

Start time: 08:00 a.m.

End time: 16:30 p.m.

Venue: Angeles Shooting Range - Tom George

Directions: 12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd, Lake View Terrace, California 91342

Phone: (805) 926-2055