"Training the few to protect the many."

Covered 6 maintains a state of the art training facility in Southern California.  Located just outside of Los Angeles, CA, the C6 facility is a versatile building with the ability to support a variety of training evolutions.  With a "Sim House" (catwalk), Force Options Simulator, and classroom, we can conduct different types of training not offered by our competitors.  This site also serves as an ideal setting to test and evaluate gear, run DTAC courses and our C6 Security Academy. 

Covered 6 has a nearby outdoor tactical  pistol and rifle range with 80 acres of private property (various terrains). This location is secluded and provides our clients with the ability to conduct research and development for some of the industries most innovative first responder and outdoor gear. 

If you would like to get more information about booking our facility and or training property, please contact us at the number below and a specialist will help you navigate the process.