"We train as often as possible with a hope to never use"


Covered 6 offers several comprehensive tactical firearms courses. We believe the support of the profession of arms is one of the most important things we do. In addition, we also offer some of the same tactical training to vetted responsible civilians. We have an expansive cadre of expert instructors with real world experience and tested expertise. All C6 instructors are knowledgeable and most importantly, humble professionals. 

Covered 6 also provides a variety of private individual and group lessons. Sometimes the best way to train is with smaller groups in order to learn at an accelerated pace. If you are interested in our sought after firearms courses check our calendar for upcoming events. 

If you don't see the subject matter you are interested in please call us for a custom or private lesson. 


This class is where it all begins. The fundamentals of marksmanship and manipulations are what make the difference in "plinking" at a public range and learning to fight for your life. The Covered 6 "Basic handgun" course is for the beginner who has never fired a gun to the novice shooter, who has been shooting for years with no formal training.

Our course is unique because we start indoors in the C6 facility with classroom and manipulations exercises. In the afternoon, we head out to the range for practical live fire. Other companies cannot provide this level of skill building because they do not have the training center. 


The C6 "Urban Defensive Pistol" courses are always evolving. These courses are designed to challenge a seasoned shooter and take others to the next level. 

A few of the skills covered are: vehicle tactics, alternate firing positions, one handed manipulations, close contact, LE qualifications, stress inoculation, speed drills and much more. 

Every class is different and we are always changing instructors, course outline, theme and presentation.


Covered 6 offers a variety of long rifle or tactical carbine classes. The course curriculum is different for law enforcement, public safety, and responsible civilians, but the result is the same. 

Some of the courses we offer are Basic Carbine, Urban Marksman, Hardcore Carbine, Mid Range, Vehicle Assault, and Low Light. Operators have traveled from all over the world to attend our rifle training. 

Expert training and multiple classes are the only way to ensure you will be ready to fight. If you do not see a class you need on the calendar , please contact us and we will advise on when the next evolution begins. 


The shogun platform is the easiest to shoot, most versatile and powerful small arms available, but the hardest to manipulate under stress. Our combat shotgun course is designed to help a student perform with a shotgun at a level necessary for a defensive encounter. We stress reloading (both pump and semi), select loading, precision shots and off hand manipulations.

If you have been hunting with a shotgun, this is not the same thing. Deploying a shotgun is one thing, manipulating it is another matter. Be sure to check out one of our shotgun classes and take control of the ultimate defensive firearm. 


The Covered 6 Precision Rifle course is  designed for individuals who want to get experience deploying a scoped precision rifle weapon system. Many people purchase a "sniper rifle", but really do not know how to use it to it's full potential. This class is designed to cover all the basic fundamentals required to make consistent long range precision shots.

This class will cover optics mounting, zeroing, basic range estimation, shooting positions, environmental factors, ballistics, positive/negative angle shots, ammunition  selection, fundamentals of precision marksmanship and rifle care.

Upcoming Firearms Classes