"2018...The US Department of Labor has named Covered 6 as the National Standard"

Covered 6 is a certified veteran owned and operated business. Our programs are approved by the Bureau of Post Secondary Education (BPPE), Employment Development Department (EDD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA GI Bill) , Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and Department of Labor (DOL).

No Cost Training

C6 offers a Vocational Advocacy Program; specifically designed to help veterans obtain employment and achieve upward mobility. This is done by leveraging various vocational funding sources such as the Post 911 GI Bill and other governmental programs from the Department of Rehabilitation and EDD.

Employer Benefits

C6 Vocational training programs are approved by the US Department of Labor as the "Security Specialist" National Program standard. Our graduates can be hired by strategic employers who will not only get trained professionals, but they can qualify to have the veteran employees wages subsidized by up to 70 percent for a period of a year.

Industry Specific

C6 has developed several programs that address the change in the current threatscape in America. Schools and Corporations are asking for more sophisticated private sector safety personnel. The C6 programs were developed with several years of real world experience in dealing with Imminent Threat, Terrorism response, and Cyber threats.

Supporting Veterans

Many veterans find themselves leaving the military after having served in the longest war in American History. These men and women of the armed services need to transition into the civilian life quickly and start making a living. C6 vocational programs provide compacted education and job placement specific to the security industry to help veterans enter the workforce more effectively.


If you are interested in learning more about how this program can benefit your company please get in touch with us.