New Gear Website
Covered 6 has launched our new gear website featuring our patented innovative products like the Ready Rack, Savior MTS and ATP pins. We are also going to sell the tested products from Condor Elite. These products have been put through some real world field use and are being used by first responders all over. WWW.SECURERIFLE.COM and WWW.FRUBARCLP.COM
Partnership with the BCG
Covered 6 is excited to announce a partnership with the BCG to provide resources and manpower to tenders and contracts both CONUS and OCONUS.  As a leading expert on emergency management planning, business contingency, disaster preparedness management, exercises/drills, and international humanitarian assistance, BCG provides governments and businesses with vital insight, plans, and tools to protect their personnel and operations.
C6 is Working with Species Zero
2016 Covered 6 is proud to be working with the non profit organization Species Zero to provide training and necessary equipment to the anti-poaching efforts in Africa. We just completed our first trip using Condor gear and making relationships at the highest levels of the Kenyan government.
2016 DGP International Continues to Grow
2016 DGP International continues to grow. We have added new exclusive clients and we are working on multiple projects in Africa and South America. DGPI hopes to continue to offer boutique services to those clients who really care about security. We now provide our services to the aerospace industry, higher education, places of worship, and corporations.
Mess Tactical 2016 Catalog
Covered 6 shot the Mess Tactical 2016 Catalog at our shoot house and range. Condor Elite provided the tactical outfits and nylon gear. Covered 6 operators provided the action.Special thanks to Kris Leblanc who is one of the industries leading photographers and is currently working with Surefire. Stay tuned for more.
Covered 6 and Condor Elite Launch Products at the 2016 Shot Show
Covered 6 and Condor Elite launch products at the 2016 Shot Show with great success. C6 gained new clients and recognition from all over the world. The gear development relationship is producing some of the best tactical nylon on the market. Be sure to stay tuned for more innovative products to be released this year. Condor Elite...Better because it has to be.
Covered 6 Has Partnered with Dan Cortez of DCTS Kydex
October 2015 | Covered 6 has partnered with Dan Cortez of DCTS Kydex to make the first ever IWB Taser C2 holder for security personnel and personal use. This is another example of C6 innovation and market changing products; born from a need on the front lines of first response and executive protection services
Covered 6 Security Services are Expanding
October 2015 | DGP International | Covered 6 security services are expanding. In the near future, we will be offering security services in California, Washington, Nevada, Florida and Texas. Our customized security programs and protective services are being sought after by corporations, universities, aerospace and celebrities who demand the very best.
Savior Shields and RTD Weapons Racks Delivered to Law Enforcement
July 2015 | Savior Shields and RTD weapons racks go to the Department of Law Enforcement across the State of Florida. This adds to the 50 plus police departments, federal agencies, and public safety entities now using Covered 6 first responder products. More to come!
Covered 6 Has Partnered with Condor Outdoor Products
Covered 6 has partnered with Condor Outdoor Products for the new Condor "Elite" line. We will be researching, developing, testing and evaluating the Condor Elite line of products as well as producing the new R.A.C.E (Respond Aggressively Contain Engage) line of covert first responder gear.
Covered 6 Receives BPPE Approval for Accreditation
Covered 6 receives BPPE approval for accreditation of our Security Academy. Now Covered 6 classes can be offered to veterans and qualified civilians with tuition assistance from different agencies. If you are a veteran or a civilian looking to get into the private security field then contact us for more information on how you can receive benefits for training and certification.
Pepperdine University Implements the New ADAPT International Program
December 2013 - Pepperdine University implements the new ADAPT International Program to be taught to close to a thousand students traveling oversees. This is based on the huge success of the Women's Self-Defense program. ADAPT is now used by financial institutions, aerospace and private schools and universities as a go to physical defense program.