Covered 6 Academy

Cyber Security Technician (CST) Program

C6 trains "eTradesman" to build, operate, and protect cyber infrastructure

Covered 6 is proud to offer a US Veteran and civilian professional Cyber Security Technician training program. We designed this program to help our fellow Veterans transitioning back into the civilian workplace. 

As part of this program, Covered 6 is offering a certified 5 week (200hrs) course that has been approved by the US Department of Labor (DoL). This course includes academic instruction, combines classroom, scenario, hands on and interactive training evolutions. Several certifications will be awarded upon the successful completion of the curriculum. 

Upon graduation from the CST Course of Instruction you will have had instruction in the equivalent accredited curriculum to take the COMPTia certification test for A+, Network+ and Security+. In addition to this base part of the course, you will  receive professional and career development, actual hands-on training and experience in devices, computers and networks, then actual war-gaming as both Blue (Computer Network Defense) and Red Teams (Computer Network Attack).

After completion of the program the CST will have worked in Industry for an Approved Apprenticeship Employer who has employed them in the Network Security field, ideally in the first year focusing on general knowledge in IT systems and networks and during which they will have re-tested and passed both Network+ and Security+. During the final year the CST will specialize in a particular field and obtain a CREST certification (and/or COMPTia’s CYSA+). 

Core Skills


Hands-On Skills


Professional Skills

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If you are interested in our Cyber Security Technician Program join our interest list by filling out our online form. One of our vocational advocates will contact you with details.

Covered 6 accepts the post 9/11 GI Bill ® for our Programs.


Military service members or veterans may be entitled to use tuition assistance (TA) or Veteran benefits to attend our program.  Additional funding can come from the Department of Labor, Employment Development Department and local vocational work sources. To learn more about this unique opportunity to use tuition assistance to attend our program and/or earn your certifications, speak to a vocational training specialist at Covered 6 by calling Ph: 805.926.2055.

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