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Our mission at Covered 6 is to provide  "level up" profession of arms training and security consulting to those who demand the very best.

We achieve this by surrounding ourselves with the finest team members and subject matter experts.

A global network of humble professionals, who believe that the tactical mindset should be "reality based",  not solely academic or theoretical.

Our exclusive client services include security services, intelligence, global consulting, investigations, special projects, and customized training programs. 

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 The "Savior" Multi Threat Shield (MTS)

As a result of requests from our security clients who are concerned with "Active Shooter, the Covered 6 team has developed the lightest, most versatile, discreet, and affordable ballistic shield on the market. 

Weighing in at just over 5 lbs, the Savior is the personal defense solution for executive protection, schools, law enforcement and home defense.

Call now and ask about how your organization's first responders can deploy the Savior to save lives. Email or call 805.926.2055                              CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO  

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